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The June Lake Loop has been attracting people such as fishermen, hunters, and hikers since the 19th century. Its first inhabitants were the Paiute Indians of the Mono Basin. June Lake remained roadless until 1915 when a roadway was constructed up Rush Creek . A tramway was constructed using materials from an abandoned mine near Bodie, to aid the construction of two dams for Hydroelectric Power.  The Rush Creek Hydroelectric project began supplying electricity by 1916.

Old Fern Creek Lodge
During this time an employee named Roy Carson started the Loop’s first private resort, Carson’s camp, a tent camp until the first cabins were built in 1921.   The largest cabin was utilized as a dining hall with a small area for a post office.  This cabin is still in use as the store and restaurant for the historic Silver Lake Resort.

In 1924, the US Forest Service constructed an unpaved road from what is now Highway 395 to June Lake. Local residents continued the road to Silver Lake.  This road made June Lake accessible and housing tracts formed as the second resort, Boulder Lodge  was built. In 1927 the Ed J. Seymour Company announced the construction of June Lake Lodge, (now known as the Heidelberg Inn). The Lodge was to be operated in conjunction with a fish hatchery and fox farm, and included fifty rooms, a restaurant and bar, and a large four-sided fireplace in the lobby.
Old Schoolhouse at Fern Creek Lodge
The hatchery produced an average of 1,000,000 small fish every year, for the surrounding area's lakes and creeks. The fox farm was located near what is now the Pine Cliff area. Other camps and lodges sprung up, including Gull Lake Lodge, Fern Creek Lodge, Camp Culver, and Cherokee Lodge.  With the expansion of the community and its new permanent residents the necessity of a school arose.  Established in 1933, the school was run out of Fern Creek Lodge and the first teacher Mrs. Romana Power earned $1500.00 for a year.  You can rent this original one room schoolhouse at Fern Creek Lodge today.
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